Creating a Good Ending by Liz Lang

“Goodbye, I love you,” said our grandson as we watched him climb into his dad’s pickup for the ride home. His good goodbye left us with warm hearts and gratitude for our time together.

So how do we say “Goodbye, we love you,” to Joan after all these years? One goodbye task is a lightly structured exit interview with the Pastor Relations Committee (PRC) leading the process. Members Cheryl Brush, Marsha Wilson and Liz Lang will be joined by Brent Long, Jo Gustafson and Lexi Williams for a confidential about the highs and lows of our time together and thoughts about the future of our congregation. This meeting is scheduled for November 3.

Joan’s partner Barb Graff will meet with the Elders for a similar conversation at their November meeting. This is a reminder that we are also saying goodbye to Barb in January.

Part of the January 4 worship service will be a litany of closure between Joan and the congregation led by the Regional Minister. It essentially is words of mutual gratitude and a set of promises that define a clean break to allow for the congregation to bond with the new pastor and to move forward with our changed identity.