From the Board by Cheryl Brush

Since I joined Findlay Street Christian Church in 1995, I have relished our rituals of worship and life together. I never thought I’d walk around humming church hymns, but I do. I can’t get enough of Ted’s prayers, Juhl’s laugh, Jo’s singing and Noel’s “Hello, church!!”

Every member of Welcome Table adds an ingredient to our church family. Just as the inclusion or removal of a spice affects the dish, we all make Welcome Table the church that it is. And, let me tell you, this church has much to celebrate. Whether it’s the joy of a full life (Bernice is 95!) or a new life (baby Mercy and a sister on her way for Luca), Welcome Table is growing in ways seen and unseen.

In the past year, we chose a new name, began the church building project in our new neighborhood and designed a new website. We are preparing to welcome a new pastor— just as soon as we give Pastor Joan the sendoff she deserves! We are working on and are within reach of the long term goal of creating a Policies and Procedures handbook. We have begun a video project to tell our story of becoming the first Disciples’ Open and Affirming congregation.
And we have raised over $42,000 in our second Capital Campaign. Church, we are on fire!!

At our November 16th annual meeting, the Board presents a slate of candidates for executive board, elder and deacon positions and we will also present a budget crafted to support us through 2015. Holding hands with God and each other, we will face the economic realities of our finances and walk the path to which we are called. We look forward to a good conversation. Can you feel the Spirit stirring the pot?

Before this article is published, we will have made our stewardship pledges for 2015. The board has been working as a whole to discern what costs are fixed and what are negotiable. We have looked into the future, calculating costs down the road, so we are as prepared as possible to handle the economic realities of once again owning and running a church building. What was the price of the wonderful gifts of each member? Priceless. Let’s continue to CELEBRATE and enjoy our membership in the life of Welcome Table Christian Church!