This is my prayer... to make a graceful exit by Joan Dennehy

This is my prayer... to make a graceful exit. It’s getting more real, now that the holidays are coming and the major hurdles of this year’s church work find their conclusion by the end of this month. In this newsletter you’ll read about some of the plans for closure. It is my prayer also that you make a graceful entrance into a new, exciting and, sometimes scary future. All the dreaming and work we have done in our transformation will be tested by the next two years. You will never know what awaits you until you take the risk, a risk some of you consider too great for our resources. Being not of one mind (let’s be honest about that) we walk forward tied to no particular outcome. Anything can happen. Hold all outcomes lightly and trust in God’s steadfast love and guidance. Trust that all manner of things shall be well, for you dwell, no matter what happens, in the abundance of God to bring good news to the world.

I’ve been working on a project that has given me immense pleasure. I will have ready for you on November 23 (a week before Advent begins) a devotional I have compiled and designed: Advent Remembered. I have selected some of your writings from 1995 and 2008 when the congregation wrote its own Advent Daybook. Remember that? I present them to you, refigured—timely and beautiful words which speak powerfully today. So take a bow, church! You are awesome.

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and am on tiptoes for our Advent together—my
favorite season of the liturgical year.