A Place For You Here by Joan Dennehy

There is a place for you here...we have said that and people have believed that to be true. Let us remember why we exist and for whom.

  • The ones who came back from the brink of despair and found that love was real
  • The ones driving a long way to get here because here is where they want to be
  • The matriarch who will always call this place Findlay just like she calls MLK Way, Empire Way, but she doesn’t leave...she grins and bears it.
  • The ones coming back to church, wounded by religion and surprised into grace here
  • The seminarians who stream through, believing in the future of the church
  • The ones shut in but not out
  • The ones living alone and sometimes lonely
  • The youth who are figuring out their faith in a changing world
  • The differently abled who challenge and bless
  • The young adults, pierced, tatted, hip and hungry for meaning, for spirit, for God
  • The ones you least expect to surprise you with generosity
  • The survivors who thrive and teach us how to walk in the dark
  • The ones in pain or depression, warriors in body and spirit
  • The funny ones who heal us with humor
  • The ones who open God’s word for us, often without words
  • The ones in trauma who are healed here
  • The ones struggling with why bad things happen to good people
  • The ones who have never known church, curious and hopeful
  • The strangers sent for mutual benefit and maybe a chuckle
  • The ones who pass through, timely sojourners, bearing gifts, never forgotten
  • The friends nationwide who pray for the wellbeing and transformation of our church

There is a place for them here. As your Interim Pastor Search Committee changes gears and moves forward, as your Elders step in to manage worship, as Louise steps into her office assistant role, as Liz seeks your input for the newsletters, as your Board continues its oversight and the deacons their hospitality, as the building rises before your eyes, I bless the work before you, you who do it, and those who benefit from it.

At its best the church changes people’s lives, and changed people change the world. You are a heaven-on-earth church, people of gritty faith and deep hope. Thank you for the honor to serve with you in the name of Jesus, the Christ.