In Harmony by Scott Fikse

“Happy Holidays, happy holidays! While the merry bells keep ringing, may your every wish come true! If you’re burdened down with trouble, if your nerves are wearin’ thin, park your load down the road and come to the Holiday Inn.”

Tacoma Symphony Chorus is singing a collection of Americana Christmas music in their Sounds of the Season Concert in early December, and of course Irving Berlin and all the classics are being featured. This music will bring joy to young and old alike. As December draws on and we get even closer to Christmas, they will perform Handel’s Messiah with the Tacoma Symphony. If you’ve ever heard the piece in its entirety, you know that Handel can take us on an emotional journey with messages of hope and faith. On Dec 18 and 19, these mes- sages will be delivered by a collection of world-class soloists, a phenomenal chorus, and a symphony invigorated by the direction of a brand-new conductor. Join us for a powerful experience of spiritual music-making.

Christmas at Welcome Table will be celebrated—as you probably know— at Mt. Baker Park Presbyterian Church on Christmas Eve this year. Since this is our first year of doing that in my time as music director, I am of course looking for help from our congregation to put the music for this evening together. Please feel free to contact me at if you would like to take part. Merry Christmas to you all, and a happy holiday season!