Joan's February Reflection

On January 24th we lost a valiant member of our church. And this month, Black History month, was the time of the year she most loved to guide, embrace, and provoke us. Black American history is full of inspirational stories, and that’s one reason why interest in it is not just in February, but Alice made February special. She was a woman who lived what she taught. She did not compromise on principle. She told us her stories and always, always her theological reflection opened both heart and mind. She was no Pollyanna. She knew we were still crossing that bridge from Selma to Montgomery.

Thank you, Alice for your good life among us. Thank you for helping us see that we don’t’ have to embrace the past, but we do have to make peace with it. We have to recognize that each generation is damaged by the one prior to it and this damage goes way back. Making peace also means understanding that the past is more complex than we’ve been led to believe.

We miss you and bless you, our sister in Christ.