Elder’s Corner - By Jo Gustafson

Recently some friends and I were talking about near death experiences. That reminded me of a story one of my minister mentors told me. Her family was gathered at the bedside of her great aunt. Death was imminent and she lay in a coma-like state. Suddenly she sat straight up and announced, “There is no f***ing white light!”, promptly laid back down and died. Anywho, some say that they were asked 3 questions during their near death experience:

What did you learn?
Who did you help?
Have you forgiven yourself?

I’d never heard that before and I thought those were great questions to ask ourselves here and now rather than waiting for some near death thing. In fact, I think it could be useful as a spiritual exercise to take a daily inventory using those three questions for a period of thirty days. Or maybe it would work as a Lenten practice. Reflecting further, I wondered if we could ask the same questions about our church. What have we learned about ourselves since moving to MBPPC? Who have we helped? Have we forgiven ourselves?