Youth Ministry - By Katy Lloyd

“A container of Kentucky Fried Chicken ap- peared to be dancing in the middle of the dark street, with a life of its own, so we stopped to investigate. Out of the chicken box crawled a terribly skinny kitten with long black fur and four bright white paws. She had been making that chicken box dance, as she tried to lick out the last crumb for nourishment. Now, she purred, leaning into me with her whole body. We adopted that little stray and named her ‘Little Boots.’”

So begins one of the 46 meditations in the book, OMG, a collection of devotionals for youth and young adults. I recently gave a copy to each of our youth families, in hopes that it might offer a way to stay connected to God between Sundays. I have read them all, and find them to connect daily life with scripture in powerful ways. Lillian Daniels’ meditation is on Paul in 2 Cor. 5: 6-17, “...for we walk by faith, not by sight.” Turns out that little kitten of hers, found in the middle of a dark street, who once walked on the 2nd story porch railing, and often ‘sneaked up’ on other cats—in plain view—was blind. A powerful lesson from a little kitten, who didn’t let a sometimes dangerous world keep her from learning how to ‘see’ in other ways, and make her way in it.

As our youth grow ever more toward adulthood, they, too, see and experience more of the dangers of our world. A friend attempts suicide. Another has an eating disorder. There is news of a school shooting. God willing, we are helping them live in such a world as ours, by helping them give and receive love in a thousand ways, big and small, in our church community. God willing, they are learning to “see” the world with different eyes, with eyes of hope and com- passion. Amazing what a little kitten can teach us, if we have eyes to see.

This month’s activities:

  • Evening hosts for Mary’s Place at MBPPC on Saturday, March 8th, from 5:30-8:30.
  • Youth Bible Study, Sunday, March 9 (worship)
  • Youth Group, Sunday, March 30, 3-5 PM 

There are two exciting events this summer for DOC women and youth:

Women’s Quadrennial Gathering, June 24-29, Atlanta GA. 
Kathy Coggins and Moira Gideon have already confirmed their reservation. Will you join them for this amazing gathering in the seat of our Civil Rights movement?
More information here: dhm/dhm-ministries/disciples-

Western Regional Youth Event, (WRYE), June 29-July 3, Seattle, WA. Some of our youth have expressed interest in this event which, though a UCC gathering, is very close to the theological heart of the DOC, and promises to be a powerful fellowship experience. Over 300 youth from at least 10 western states will gather on the Seattle U campus for 3 1⁄2 days of worship, learning, service and fellowship. We are reaching out to see if other local DOC youth might be attending, so we can create a DOC Youth family group for this event.