Joan’s March Reflection

You can’t say that we don’t try new things in this congregation. You have been gracious about giving space for experiment and creativity, and most of the time your leaders rise to the occasion! It’s one of the reasons I love you so much. We try things and if they don’t work we say, “Hmmm, next time we will….” We don’t hang onto our flops. We can laugh at ourselves. I like this freedom and I believe it can lead to the presence of God in surprising ways.

So get ready…here comes something we’ve NEVER done before: Insert a one-item board meeting into worship. It sounds bizarre, but interesting, and I can make a case for it. When the Board meets it does worshipful work. The word liturgy means work of the people. Divine spirit infuses all things.

ON SUNDAY MARCH 9, we offer ourselves to God and to the generations-to-come as the Board makes the final decision on the Elders’ proposal for a new name:

Welcome Table
A Christian Community
A congregation of the Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)
Formerly known as Findlay Street Christian Church

Don’t get hung up on the order of words or how exactly they fit together. They are words to use in various ways and places. It’s Welcome Table that is the heart of the name.

In this 3 year process of renaming, the congregation has been fully involved, verbal, and decisive. The retreat last fall turned out to be the best attended congregational meeting we’ve ever had! About a dozen of you were absent. The ones present experienced a synergy and focus that had been missing in our earlier work. Your leaders felt a clear mandate from the people.

Because this is a big decision it feels right to do it in the presence and witness of the people, even if they aren’t voting. We are all in this together. Let’s see how it works! Kathy and I will plan the service. I will address the theology of table. She will ably lead the Board meeting. You will have a voice in the meeting. After the vote, we will resume worship by sharing
communion at the table, led by our Elders.

When it’s all said and done, you can say I was there…! Or will you say, “Hmmm, next time we will…” Only God knows!

Trying to keep up with you,