Mindful Apps and Divine Curiosity - By Sandy Messick, Regional Minister

Mindful Apps and Divine Curiosity - Sandy Messick, Regional Minister

I have a new app on my phone. Lotus Bud is a meditation app that offers among other things a mindfulness bell. When it is switched on, at random intervals through the day, a bell will chime and a message will pop up on my screen inviting me to take a moment to be mindful and notice what’s around me. It has come in surprisingly handy. In the middle of an intense conversation with a colleague, the bell chimed and reminded us both to take a breath. As I frantically battled traffic to get to a meeting on time, the bell chimed, and even in the midst of I-5 rush hour, I stopped to give thanks. You get the idea. Sometimes it’s helpful to be reminded of the gift of living in the present, even for just a moment.

Second, a couple of weeks ago I attended the Disciples Seminary Foundation board meeting. As the Regional Minister in a region where we have a DSF seminary (STM at Seattle U) I have a permanent place on that board. During the meeting we took time for discussion about what we saw as educational needs for seminarians. What do our pastors need to know as they leave seminary and begin ministry, in whatever form that ministry may take? One of the values we named is one I’m not sure can be taught, but I believe is essential for ministry today. Divine Curiosity. That is, an ongoing curiosity about what God is doing in the world and a wondering about how God is inviting us to participate. We all know, and have heard repeatedly, that the world and church we live in is changing. We can choose to approach that reality with fear and fight every change that we meet. Or we can approach it with curiosity and anticipation. When I am at my best, I choose the latter. Where is God at work today? And how can I take part?