Raise the Bar And Expect More - By Barbara Vail

I have to admit after reading the December 14 advent devotion about making a case for a church that is reasonable, rigorous, and real, I felt pretty good that our church measures up to most of those characteristics. However, my sense of pride took a downfall, as I realized that Jesus may raise the bar even more than this. If we are already doing these things, then perhaps more is expected. God wants to use us to refine and shape the church and expects us to do our very best. We are not to be content in what we have already but strive to do more and better things.

Although we do have a legacy, in my opinion, it is not enough to be known as the church that used to be called Findlay St. and that many years ago led the way to open and affirming congregations. It is also not enough to be a church that provides a hospitable place for all those seeking Spirit’s presence and accepts others no matter where they are in own their spiritual journey. It is not enough to be a church with beautiful music, stellar preaching, and authentic worship. These are all good and admirable qualities but perhaps we can expect more of ourselves. 

In this New Year with all the new possibilities stretching before us, perhaps our challenge is to raise the bar. Welcome Table can be even more. If you haven’t already been doing this, I invite each one of us to reflect and meditate about new possibilities and visions for our church. As our new group of elders comes together in the coming month our goals for the upcoming year, I am looking forward to sharing our thoughts and ideas with each other. I am open to receiving God’s message of what more we might be called to do in the future and hope that you are too. However, no matter what changes and transitions are in the future of this church over this coming year, I have no doubt that we will continue to be the community of vibrant Spirit-filled loving Christians that I so love.