Remembering Regina LeJeune - By Jean Harris

As the end of February and beginning of March draw near, my thoughts focus on Regina’s birth date (February 28) and the date of her death (March 2, but it was a Leap Year, so I always wonder what is the date the other three years). This year, instead of flowers, I’d like to remember her and her love for her church, Findlay Street, by making a contribution to your Labyrinth Fund. Labyrinths became important to me during Regina’s illness and even more after her death.

After Regina died, I moved to Tacoma to be closer to my remaining daughter and her family. Through Quaker friends in Tacoma, I learned of the Chambers Creek Foundation in University Place. They built a labyrinth and raised funds to help develop other parts of Chambers Creek Properties by allowing supporters to purchase a tree in memory of a loved one. I walked that labyrinth and others, trying to find a way to go on. Sometimes I walked anxiously, wondering whether the magnolia tree that I’d selected because it reminded me of Regina’s grace, beauty and delicacy would survive our Pacific Northwest winters. It’s been some years since I have visited Chambers Creek Properties, none of our family is in Tacoma anymore. When I’m in Washington this summer I believe I'll have the courage to go and see how the labyrinth and tree are faring.

When I heard that Findlay Street is accepting donations for a labyrinth to be built at the Welcome Table, I thought, “How wonderful to be a small part of this! I know Regina would love the idea.”

Holding you in the Light as you go forward.