On the Campaign Trail... - By Cheryl Brush


OK, hum the first few bars of the “Star Wars” theme....go ahead, I’ll wait. And now for our story: Once upon a time, a merry band of people who were learning to be Christian began a journey to a new church home. They sold their 100-year-old building and decided to build a new one in a nearby neighborhood, on top of one of Seattle’s seven hills. The lot they bought was close to a light rail station and on a bus line. The neighborhood was diverse and growing.

But then, a recession fell over the land. Despite a highly successful capital campaign, the small church didn’t have enough money to build their project, so a smaller design was created. The church struggled on...battling with loan and contractor challenges, troublesome tenants, and concerns about oil in the ground until, finally, the clouds cleared, and the church saw that it was good: building permits, a contractor, the promise of a loan and an affordable construction bid!

However (every good story must have a however), construction costs did not include all furnishings: no lectern, tables and chairs, or window blinds. It did not include acoustical treatments, a sound system or a baptistery. Outdoor signs, furniture for the pastor and a family accessible third bathroom were still needed. The labyrinth was only partially funded and the kitchen space was bare. Oh dear, what to do?!

To the good people of the church, who had studied budget projections and rental rates, who had crunched numbers and sweated details, this dilemma was not a surprise. They knew that a second capital campaign was a requirement of their church loan. They figured their congregation would find a way to pay for chairs (or bring their own) because even though standing is all the rage these days, there is a limit! And it only made sense that a church called “Welcome Table” would have a communion table. The church didn’t intend to hide its light, so outdoor signs were a must, and no one planned to give up eating, so the kitchen sink for once was on the list (“everything but the ...”).

And the people spread the news:

“Hear Ye, Hear Ye!! The capital campaign is coming! Stay tuned for more details. Ask and you shall receive!”

The Capital Campaign committee members are Chad Blanchard, Justin Umbright, Cheryl Brush and John Polansky. We welcome additional volunteers, ideas and energy on our “fun”draising journey!