From The Board - By Liz Lang

As the newest member of Welcome Table’s well- functioning board I’m reminded of an experience while on a rafting trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon some years ago. At a turquoise-clear rushing tributary we rode the small rapids wearing our life jackets like saddles. Cold, wet, under, over and around. Exhilarating!

And so have the past few weeks been for me as the board designed a way to involve the congregation in the final vote for our new name; as we (almost) let go of “Findlay” and became Welcome Table; as we sifted through carefully thought-out financial information from our architect and builder and projections by our treasurer; as we voted with some caution to take the leap and build on Beacon Hill; as Joan’s retirement plans became reality.
I can tell you, with first-hand experience now, this board works hard. There’s a written agenda for each meeting along with written reports. And those treas- urer’s reports! Carl prepares not only the numbers but what they mean—a summary of his activities, financial snapshot comparing pledged income to expenses, building-related activities and best practices plans arising from a church finance training he attended.
Kristen’s minutes surprise me when they arrive via email usually only days after the meeting. People listen so very well to each other and Kathy keeps us on track. “That’s for another meeting,” she’ll often say with a smile. Laughter and tears, being real, telling the truth, welcoming Spirit. Each member is fully engaged even if they have worked all day.

Gosh, I think, what more could there be to do? Hold on, there is more. Hard work is needed by all of us as we break ground. Unless we want an empty building we need a successful capital campaign (you’ll hear from Cheryl about that). Policies & Procedures and new bylaws being developed will help guide how we operate for the next decade or two.

Perhaps most on your minds right now is “How will we get along without Joan?” Over this next nine months we’ll be guided by the Northwest Regional Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), commonly referred to as the Region, to determine what kind of pastoral leadership we need in our next phase. Disciples are family; we’ll get lots of help. I predict we will have quite a few potential ministers knocking at our door. Meanwhile, enjoy your moments with Joan.

Reminder that all board meetings are open. They are scheduled on the second Monday of each month, 6:30 in the fellowship room. We welcome your input.