Our New Home (On the Internet) - by Randall Ajimine

At General Assembly last year, I remember attending a breakout session where the speaker said that when people are interested in checking out a church, the first thing they do is to visit the website. At the time, our website was (to put it gently) really out of date. Because of that, a small team (Randall, Bridgett, Justin, Joan) was put together to think about how to put together a fresh website that better reflected who we are: a vibrant, welcoming, creative community of faith.

After months of brainstorming and work, I’m pleased to say that while we may not be up on Beacon Hill quite yet, we already have a new home… on the internet! It’s still a work in progress, but the Welcome Table website is up and running. Many pages are filled with content, some are not. Eventually we’ll have a way to donate online and we’ll switch over to new email addresses. Stay tuned! I’d invite you to visit the site, click around, and most importantly, share the site with anyone you think would be interested in knowing more about our community of faith. We’d also love to hear your feedback. Questions/comments can be sent to: web@welcometablecc.org