Youth Ministry - by Katy Lloyd

One of the things I inherited from my Mom was a love for gardening. Maybe it’s because my birthday is in the spring. Maybe it’s because I’m an earth sign (Taurus). Or maybe it’s having grown up in Minnesota—where spring is a fleeting, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it 4-6 weeks long, from snow to searing heat (unlike the Pacific NW, where spring arrives in early Feb. and settles in like a welcome friend into late
June). I’ve never lost my sense of wonder at planting a seed, waiting a week or two, and then—there it is!!!—seeing a sprout emerge from the earth. It works! Again and again, it works. Somehow those tiny little desiccated hulls, pushed into the ground out of sight, manage to emerge with new life, for a new
season of growth. Something between the sun, rain, soil, and seed’s DNA conspire, once again, to bring forth life.

And so too with Easter. Beyond attempts to explain the how and the what of Resurrection, when all is said and done, we are left with our wonder. It is not just that it happened once to Jesus so long ago either. It is a gift available to all of us, when we give our hearts to it—that no matter how far down into the darkness we feel pushed, God is always there with us, calling us to new life. Somehow God takes our tired
and dried up souls, and by some mysterious blend of grace, love and Spirit, we are offered new ways of being.

My hope and my prayer is that our youth are learning about the wonder of Resurrection from us too—not as some kind of Free Pass to Heaven (as faith, sadly, is so often sold). But as a fruitful, abundant, joyful way to live, here and now. It works! Again and again, it works.


May Youth Events:

  • Sunday, May 4th: Youth Bake Sale to raise funds for summer events and camperships. Donated baked goods are welcome!
  • Sunday, May 11th: Youth Bible Study
  • Sunday, May 18th: Youth Group, 3-5 PM. We will plan Pentecost Worship service, which we’re entirely in charge of!
  • Upcoming in June: 1st: Rehearse Pentecost 35PM; 8th:Pentecost Sunday, arrive at 12:30PM