From the Board by Liz Lang

As a child I loved to explore houses that were in the process of being built. Those electrical box plugs the size of quarters were a treasure. And the smell of new wood—sigh. I can’t wait till our new church is on its way so I can experience that again.

Of course I can and will wait right along with all of you. Right now our building committee is going through a ponderous process of contract negotiation and rewriting with Church Extension about the loan. After that is completed and signed off we turn to the building contractor to finalize the building contract. We hope to be ready to start building in early July. Remember that hopes are not promises. When the Board has more news we’ll broadcast it! It may even be that you will have heard updates via email before receiving this newsletter.

In addition to the building process the Board has begun to define the steps to hire an interim pastor. Decisions to be made include naming the Interim Pastor Search Committee members, how long the interim term should be—given that we’ll be moving into a new neighborhood next year—and whether part- or fulltime. Most important is discerning what qualities and skills we as a congregation want and need during this interim time. An interesting note about the interim search process is that Joan is not part of it. She gets to go home early from the Board meeting while we figure things out. Having her leave the meeting definitely makes her upcoming December 31 retire- ment more real. The Board meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 PM in the room where we gather after worship. All are welcome.