In Harmony by Scott Fikse

Keep your lamps trimmed and burning, for the time is drawing nigh! This text is intriguing in its symbolism and Biblical reference, and on June 8 Welcome Table will be visited by musical guests to help bring it to life in an exciting choral setting with percussion and soloists. Choir is going out with a bang this spring!

“Keep Your Lamps!” is a perfect example of an African-American Spiritual that might have served multiple purposes when it was first being sung. It may have been sung during the time of slavery to share a risky sentiment or plan, or to express spiritual devotion. The passage references Matthew 25: 1-23, a parable through which Jesus teaches us to “keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.” For an African-American slave the parable may have held a double meaning—faith that slavery will be abolished and that freedom awaits in heaven.

The choir will also sing Gloria in Excelsis Deo, the first movement of Vivaldi’s Gloria. This piece is a real treasure in the choral anthology and the choir is eager to share it with you. Please be sure to welcome our guest singers and pianists and thank them for their contribution. We are so blessed to have musicians from the community who are eager to share their talents.