Pentecost Sunday Youth Ministry by Katy Lloyd

Our youth will be leading the entire worship service, with some help from Joan, Scott and the Choir. In a nod to the Spirit, “who blows where she will,” we’ll be doing things quite a bit differently that day. While the entire service will be planned and prepared, we are going to cut up the order of service, put it in a hat, and let one of YOU (and the Spirit) decide the order of things. Even our youth won’t know what comes next. I suspect we’ll all be a bit more on the edges of our seats, a bit more attentive, a bit more attuned.

Will we start with Communion? Followed by the Benediction? Will we end with the anthem, or the Call to Worship? For some of us, the idea of walking in and not knowing the order of things may be a bit unsettling. And that’s okay (and why I’m letting everyone know this now, well in advance, in case you want to make other worship plans for that day!). But the idea is that being “unsettled” is how the Holy Spirit often works with us, turning us this way and that, challenging us to try a new thing, and enabling us to see things in a whole new way. That was most certainly the case on the original day of Pentecost as described in the Book of Acts. Who would have known the Spirit would come in such a swirl of wind and flame, a cacophony of languages and understanding, calling people from across tribes, borders, and miles?

Who would have thought such a mixed-up, disorienting experience, which to onlookers made the disciples look like a rowdy bunch of drunks, would actually be the event that shaped them into one body with one mission? But there it is. And here we are, 2000 years later, inviting the next generation to help tell the story. I am so proud of Hazel and Moira, Greta and Anna, Lila and Lexi, Madi and Bailey. We began this year in September with their Baptism and Confirmation. It seems fitting we end it with their leadership. I hope you will join us!