From the Board by Justin Umbright

Ah, it feels like the lazy days of summer are starting to arrive. As a child I use to love the freedom of being able to run around the neighborhood all day without the need to be at any place in particular. While in college, the summer was a special time to take a break and catch up with family. While many people relish in these lazy summer days, your church Board has been very busy.

After much hard work from your Board, Building Committee, and countless other people it really feels as if things are falling into place. They have been working hard to get contracts signed by Church Extensions and our Contractor. We have also identified people to form a com- mittee to plan our groundbreaking celebration. Another group of people who have been working hard has been the Capital Campaign Team. We got a sneak peak of the elaborate campaign package that was sent out to you all. Many thanks go to this hard working team!

In last month’s Messenger article from the Board, Liz shared that we have begun the process of hiring an interim pastor. We continue to not only discuss this within the Board, but we are also actively seeking guidance from the Region as well. The Interim Search Committee will discern what will be the best fit for Welcome Table as we move into a new chapter together.

Board meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at 6:30. Have you ever wondered what actually gets discussed in these gatherings? This meeting is open to all.