From the e-Bag by Jennifer Towner

I just wanted to give youaheadsupasto why you won’t be seeing me over the summer. My teaching schedule at the gym is such that I can’t make the 8:30 services in the summer. I am also going to be heading out on a road trip starting July 25th. I’m going to be driving across the country to an Artist Residency at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont. I am spending 4 weeks there and I’m going to make artwork about road trips. I will then venture back to Seattle, arriving sometime around the 6th of September.

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to everyone at Welcome Table. You really do fit your new name. I’ve been through a lot of growth/change recently and it is really nice to feel as though I have a place where I fit in. The congregation is very welcoming and loving. I appreciate not feeling as though I have to participate, but rather feeling as though I want to.

A few weeks ago when we were passing the peace (not one of my favorite things to do— but I do it anyway), I was happily surprised that people knew my name. Not that I thought they didn’t... but it’s nice to be surprised by things. I feel as though a little piece of me that was small is getting exponentially bigger every time I sit down in that pew.

Maybe it’s just a midlife crisis.... Nah, it’s joy and hope and a feeling of completeness. I love the sermons, I love the people and all the different segments of populations it spans, and I love the music and the participation of youth.

I look forward to my return in September and just wanted to say thanks to you all.