Interim Pastor Search Committee by Curt Williams

I wanted to update the congregation on the process of searching for an interim pastor fol- lowing Joan’s departure. An interim committee has been formed that I’m chairing and includes Kirk Duncan, who grew up coming to this church and has deep roots; Beth Grabow, who was on the search committee that chose Joan; Ann Polansky who is our connector to the Church board of directors and Chad Blanchard who as a recent member has an important perspective and has valued planning skills.

We have met with Sandy Messick our Regional minister who walked us through the process of calling a minister. She wisely pointed out that this isn’t a job interview but a “search and call” process. We are tasked with “seeking to be open to the Spirit of God to engage a pastoral leader who will be the best “fit” for your congregation.” We are doing our best to live up to this spiritual process at this challenging time in the church. We have met three times seeking to determine what the interim period should be, help manage salary and recruitment logistics and develop a brief profile of the church. We hope to begin considering profiles of interim pastors next month and we hope to have an interim in place this winter. As you can imagine finding an interim to follow Joan is challenging in its own right but finding one with the capacity to also help lead us into our new Church space and neighborhood really does require that we pray ourselves forward.

Please note that the committee that searches for the “settled minister” to follow interim will have a more intense profile process that will deeply engage the congregation in discussing what skills and attributes our next “settled” pastor needs to have.