On the Trail

Kelley Wiley Lane is out hiking the Pacific Northwest these next few months. She sends her greetings from the trail. She started in Glacier National Park and will continue hiking westward through Montana, Idaho, Washington and the Olympic Peninsula, up the coast to Cape Alava, where the hike terminates.

She has dreamed of and prepared to do this journey for quite a number of years. She worked for Glacier Parks Boats, a wooden tour boat company in Glacier National Park through her college years, starting in 2001. On her days off, she hiked the park, including part of the route she is now undertaking.

Kelley made her home in Seattle starting in 2006. The Pacific Northwest Trail thus feels appropriate and natural as a journey both of body, mind, and spirit. Kelley will be grateful for your prayers as she walks her way through soreness, snow-covered mountain passes, rainy days and wet gear, fields of alpine wildflowers, bug bites, new ways of thinking, and many other challenges and nourishing experiences, as she gradually moves across this region that she loves. Her body will be back in worship with us in October. Her heart will be with us throughout her journey.