Thank you, Scott by Joan Dennehy

As we settle into summer worship, glad for the people it brings into the sanctuary whose lives better support an early time, sorry for the absence of some folks who can only manage the afternoon time, open to the stranger who may appear, resigned to the truth that life is always changing, I give thanks for another choir season under the direction of Scott Fikse. I am already counting the days till we begin again on Sept 7.

Scott has not only met every nuance of his job description, he has surpassed it. Existing less by the letter of the law he lives in the spirit of covenant, with obvious joy for his work, eager to share his gifts, including his array of talented musician friends who have
made music with us over the past months. He has been an evangelist, telling the good news of this congregation to those outside our walls, calling us forward with hope. He has
connected us to a wider world and he is the right leader to walk with you to a new home—
ear open to new sounds and opportunities. 

Thank you, Scott, for what you have taught me. Sometimes I bubble sounds just for the heck of it, feeling oddly more relaxed afterwards. I listen to what you say about interpreting a piece, about dynamics, breath, vowels and consonants. I smile more. I believe, with your help, that I can actually be part of a harmonious sound that praises God and reveals truth, sometimes in ways that words fail to do. You bring out the best in me even when I am not at my best. You inspire me to learn more, improve, and grow. Surely there are too many things to think about when you sing (who would have thought it was so complicated!) but you grin at us, urge us to have fun, encourage us to feel the music in our bodies and connect with the people who listen. I cannot imagine a world in which I do not sing.

Now we look for a new accompanist to work with you. I find it rather amazing that two
candidates were not candidates until they came to play and worship with us and were touched by your leadership and the ethos of our community. Sometimes it’s easier for a church to look in the mirror and see its flaws. But I want us to look in the mirror and see the beauty, the bright spots, the places where spirit is definitely active, engaging, and creative. Our music is one of those places. The way we value and mentor our youth is another.

Peace to you, Scott, during your summer time off. Please wrap yourself in the appreciation I and others feel for you, especially for the gentle way you live, as we have all had to live, through a time of limited resources for the sake of a dream we deem worthy and future-fulfilling.