In Harmony by Scott Fikse

End of summer greetings, my friends! I hope you have all had a rejuvenating summer with multiple chances to soak in the beauty of this season in the Pacific Northwest. Marcus and I have been taking advantage of a bit more free time in our lives and we therefore might be a bit more tan the next time you see us.

I am eager for our music program to start up again very soon. For those of you who are interested in singing with the choir this year we will resume rehearsals on September 7th. That Sunday and the following Sunday will be practice-only days, and the first opportunity for the choir to sing in worship will be September 28th, after the retreat weekend. Join us every Sunday at 11:30 and lend your heart and voice to our worship in a special way.

As always I am eager to have members from our congregation collaborate with me for offer- tory music and more. If you would like to sing, play, or dance there is a way that we can make use of your talents. Email me or just speak to me after worship and we’ll find a Sunday for such an opportunity. On those Sundays when I, the accompanist, or members of the congre- gation don’t offer special music we can expect to have guest musicians from our local com- munity. This year promises a great line up and I hope everyone will welcome these guests and make them feel at home. To contact me with questions about music at Welcome Table, please email: