Youth Ministry by Katy Lloyd

Have you noticed how the breeze is a hair cooler, the days a bit shorter, and trees here and there are becoming fringed in hints of red? It all adds up to one thing: September. This month always seems to come like a splash of cool water on the face, to wash away the lovely grogginess of August and open the mind to learning new things, making new friends, accomplishing new tasks.

I know I am looking forward to another year of ministry with our youth! To kick off, we will meet on Sunday, September 7th, following worship (3-5 PM) to reconnect, share stories from our summer vacations, do a fun, small project, and make plans for the year ahead. Our other big gathering will be the church retreat at Pilgrim Firs September 20-21st. Be sure to get your registrations in if you haven’t already!

Friends are always welcome at all youth group activities! Let’s continue to do the weird, defiant, counter-cultural thing we are called by Jesus to do: putting love back into the world.