From the Board by Liz Lang

Suddenly it’s September and board members are looking at items on the church’s agenda for the rest of the year: Stewardship drive/budget development, Joan’s retirement with accompanying celebrations, elections, capital campaign, building project, interim pastor search committee. Most items are in process and ongoing except for two decisions: one, we approved the hiring of Reid Wolch as our new accompanist (Yay!) and we set November 16 as the date for the Annual Meeting.

One hard-working church member whose work you may not be aware of is Ron Wong. Appointed by the board, he acts as the owner’s representative on the building project, being liaison between the church and the contractor, the insurance agent, Church Extension’s project manager, Beacon Hill contacts and others. Without Ron’s diligent work we would be, well, up a creek.

Joan’s upcoming retirement becomes forcefully real each meeting when she leaves before the end of the agenda so we can discuss the interim pastor search and the retirement plans without her. There we are for a while, sans pastor. It feels empty. Mark your calendars now for Saturday, January 3 for a retirement party (location and time TBA) and Sunday, January 4 for worship and reception at MBPPC.

Meanwhile, consider what you might pledge for 2015 in both time and money. How are you called to serve this coming year? For some, it is a year to allow yourself to receive; for others, it is a time to step into a new thing. As we heard at the Pilgrim Firs retreat just completed, it’s time to “...pick up your mat and walk”—or dance—into the next year, hand in hand with each other in our beloved community.