An Example by Pudge Delaney

Her preacher husband left her and their six children to live in the old parsonage while he went off to live with the church secretary. She was devastated, her parents and her sisters were in an uproar and the children were totally confused. After the agony of a long separation the divorce became final. She went back to school for additional credits, began a teaching career, and with the help of her parents, she was able to buy a home with plenty of room for her six growing kids!

She prayed every day that her husband would come home. After TEN LONG years her prayers were answered. Bud showed up at the back door, his body racked with diabetes and cancer —a shadow of his former self. She opened her arms, her heart and her home—she thanked God for his return and started planning for their second wedding.

I went back East for that wedding and the mo- ment I laid eyes on Bud something unexpected, something unexplainable happened. Ten years
of anger, contempt and distain melted away in forgiveness. With that weight lifted from my soul and that burden off of my back, I was able to raise my arms and embrace my brother-in-law in an embrace I will never forget. My sister had set the example and that example showed me how glorious, how cleansing it is to forgive.

Jesus has set the example. He opens his arms and his heart and invites us, the forgiven, to come to him and be Blessed!