The Board Springs Into Action by Bridgett Chandler

Barbara Suder, our Financial Secretary, reports that our pledges are coming in at 100% of expected giving each month. Thanks to all for your faithful giving.

More great news on the giving front comes from John Polansky, Chair of the 2014 Capital Campaign. With a year to go in the campaign, we are already at 97% of pledges and can look forward to a furnished church!

Be sure to swing by 14th and Bayview to see our beautiful building coming to life. At this point, we are looking at moving in early in 2016.

We are having conversations with Plymouth Housing Group, a nonprofit with 30+ years of successful experience managing rental housing units, about working together to find tenants for our apartments. Part of their mission is to provide housing for people with mental illness, and they partner closely with Harborview to screen and support people ready to be living in the community. They pool resources to cover market rate housing costs and provide on-going support to people they help house. Watch for further details.

As part of our planned effort to continue the excellent work of past treasurers to streamline our bookkeeping, our Treasurer, Bridgett Chandler, recently met with a CPA expert in church accounting to give us guidance as we prepare for the more complicated financial tasks involved with the new building.

Updating our church governing documents is a long-overdue task. Thanks to Louise Petrasek and Kathy Coggins for drafting new by-laws and articles of incorporation. The board will review and recommend edits, and our entire congregation will review and edit/approve at a later date. If we all stick to schedule, we could have this on the agenda for our annual congregational meeting, which is typically held in November.

It is time for people to consider serving on the board and as Elders and Deacons. We have only two returning board members for next year, Brent and Bridgett, so we need members to fill both elected and appointed positions. We will elect a new Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Financial Secretary at our annual meeting. Call Nominating Committee Chair Cheryl Brush with your ideas.

Submitted with great love for our congregation.