The Tragic Death of Construction Worker

On Saturday afternoon, September 19th, a roofer working on the new roof at Welcome Table’s new church site fell to a tragic death. We first heard news of the sad story through Ron and Kristin Danielsen-Wong by email, and within hours many of us were talking about our sadness and grief for the family of the contractor and his co-workers, as well as how we can hold the Welcome Table community as we gathered for worship on Sunday afternoon. In the midst of our loss and grief at Welcome Table, we now are experiencing a very tragic reality that is another loss and grief for all of us, even though none of us knew the man personally.

Members of Welcome Table traveled to the new church site to offer prayers, to leave flowers, and to simply be in our new neighborhood and to be with our new neighbors. Thank you, everyone, for rallying together on this tragic news.

The worship service on Sunday afternoon was changed so that we could be with one another, in community, to experience our own sense of loss and grief, as well as to offer our own reflections and prayers for all who are experiencing this loss—including the worker’s family, his co-workers and others who are working at our site, and for the neighbors of our new site. A tragedy like this sends vibrations out to everyone nearby, and so we offer our deepest prayers for peace in their lives.

As a small church community, Welcome Table holds each other closely. When something happens in our community we all feel it. And the contract workers are a part of our community, so we feel great sadness and grief for all who were impacted by the news of this sad tragedy. Welcome Table did send flowers to the family of the worker, and we have reached out to the general contractor to make ourselves available to the family of the worker, as well as to the colleagues who will continue to work on our site.

Into the reality of this tragic death, we will continue to go about our days ahead, trusting that there is support and love that continues to be expressed and experienced by all who have been affected. And construction of our church building will continue as our general contractor is able to move ahead—updates about the building will continue to come. Please continue to hold one another with God’s love and in prayer, and continue to reflect on and pray for Ian and his family, colleagues and co-workers in the construction trade.