Board Report by Cheryl Brush

Members of the board and Pastor Relations Team met in early October to discuss our covenant with Rev Chris Morton, the progress of our transition plans for a settled pastor and the move to the new building/community. Several recommendations resulted from the conversation.

1. Develop a draft “recipe” showing how worship comes together (helpful to members, visitors, guest preachers and others). Beth Grabow volunteered to work on this idea.

2. Chris will continue his work with the Outreach and Open House teams for our transition to Beacon Hill and will continue other pastoral duties (visits, meetings, events) as possible within his half-time schedule.

3. Per the covenant Rev. Chris and thecongregation will collaborate on an action plan for identifying and reaching out to prospective and inactive members. This can include updating the church directory, calling on visitors, etc. The covenant with Rev. Chris is a two-way agreement that details the responsibilities and duties for the pastor AND for the congregation. The congregation’s duties include the aforementioned membership action plan and the following:

1. Commit to the process of self-study by working through Developmental Tasks. [Coffee time conversations can help figure out what this means. –Ed]

2. Work with Rev. Chris on next steps from letting go of longtime Pastor Joan Dennehy to moving to the new church building in the Beacon Hill location.

3. Meeting with Rev. Chris to develop relationships that enable connections and authentic community.

4. Function as the Body of Christ, making visits to worship guests, members in hospitals, nursing facilities, the homebound and inactive members.

5. Work with Rev. Chris to advance education, mission, music, and other ministries of the congregation.

6. Continue to provide staff support.

7. Support the pastor’s involvement in outreach planning to the Beacon Hill community.

8. Provide connections between Rev. Chris and the building of the new church process.

9. Establish a Pastoral Relations Committee (PRC) to serve as a confidential support and advisory group for Rev. Chris, to monitor progress in accomplishing the transitional tasks and to act as a link between Rev Chris and the congregation. The interim search committee (Beth Grabow, Kirk Duncan, Curt Williams, Ann Polansky and Chad Blanchard) transitioned into the PRC for Rev Chris.

So what does this all mean? Well, that’s for all of us to figure out together. Parts of this work are already underway and you can expect to hear more soon. Please let us know your thoughts, questions, concerns.