Elder's Corner - by Madison Williams

I was thinking about stewardship and Welcome Table when I wrote this elder meditation for church and shared it on Sunday, the 11th of October.  When I think about generosity, I think about my friend Ali. My friend Ali and his family are not rich with money but, he can be very generous. 

I played Special Olympic sports with Ali in high school. Why I think about him is because he has great strengths in sports and he shares them generously with everyone on his team. Ali is so good he could make all the goals by himself if he wanted to but, he doesn’t. Ali chooses to share his soccer skills with his teammates so that every person plays better and our whole team plays better too. When Ali shares his talents it made it fun for all of us and it made us feel good about what we could do together as a team.

Generously sharing our strengths and gifts with each other as we are moving forward as Welcome Table can help us feel good about what we can do together as a team.