In Harmony by Scott Fikse

What a full and busy season it has been for our church! I’m still beaming from our Christmas Eve worship and our wonderful farewell service to Joan. It’s inspiring to see what our small congregation can do. I want to thank our choir members: Kay Anne, Jo, Sandy, Barb, Liz, Marcus, Andrew, Katy, and Wendell. Your dedication and talents are such a blessing. My appreciation also goes out to Ed for his organ playing, and of course to Reid for taking on his accompanist duties with so much enthusiasm. Lastly, thank you Barb and Louise for your gifts of violin and flute.

I also want to thank Joan for all of her musical gifts. She was so willing to put her time and talents to work whenever they were needed; something I think we all can learn from, regardless of our own talent level. Now that she has moved on to the next chapter in her own life I feel like the music team at Welcome Table has a new beginning on their hands and we can choose to go in many different directions.

With that, I’d like to hear what the congregation has to say about music at Welcome Table. What have you really enjoyed? What would you like to see more of? If we could have some sort of musical feature or group that we’ve never had before, what would it be? Please send comments and suggestions to my email. I’d like your feed- back as I formulate plans for 2015, and I want us to dream big!