Exciting Opportunities for Music at Welcome Table By: Chris Morton

Music at Welcome Table is more than a complement to our worship experience. Music is one of the core elements of our being able to experience God at the center of our time of Sabbath and worship on Sunday afternoons. And music at Welcome Table has a rich place in our Sunday liturgy, and in the lives of people who gather as community each Sunday.

Scott brought a great deal of his giftedness to Welcome Table to continue our legacy with music. As we say goodbye to Scott, and bid him with our blessings and the Blessings of God as he and Marcus move to Hawaii and offer their gifts to another community of faith, we are being blessed with another gift.

I am pleased to announce that Jo Gustafson will lead our music efforts, with support from a small group of members, for the coming year. Jo and I have had a chance to talk through much of the details about what Welcome Table needs as we move through these summer months and journey into the fall and the holiday seasons that will soon be upon us. And I am excited to see what will unfold in the coming months, as music continues to bring shape and depth to our worship experience; the rich diversity of music that we will experience, with an intentionality to introduce us to new music, will go a long way in helping to prepare us for our future life together as we continue to navigate all of the other changes that we are experiencing at Welcome Table.