Findlay Memories from an Old Timer By: Carol Baker

Long ago and far away, my family—parents Ray and Helen Kuder, brother Bob and I— moved from Joplin, Missouri to Washington State. My Grandma Kuder and other family members already lived here. It was the summer I had my eighth birthday. We came by a Ford car pulling an old time camping trailer. Along the way we saw many buffalo, jackrabbits and other sights. I recall one night when we camped in Colorado the creek water that we drank was so cold it made our teeth ache.

When we arrived here we stayed briefly with my Grandma at her apartment in Everett but soon moved to a rented house in South Park in Seattle. My parents looked for a Christian Church and the closest one was Findlay, so when they found a house near the church they bought it. Prices and wages were much lower than they are now, so this was a two story house with basement and huge yard, and I believe the price was around $2300.00, and yes, the decimal is in the right place. Lots of fruit trees, two fish ponds, other trees, and space to play. (Play is what children used to do before TV, video games, cell phones, tablets, Kindles, etc.). I remember walking stilts and playing hide and seek and Red Rover with cousins who often stayed with us. Also we had this huge lawn to mow with a hand mower. When the wood to be used in the wood and coal furnace in the basement was delivered we had to stack it.

Sundays at Findlay were special, and church was special. We went to church with our family, and woe be unto us if we misbehaved in church or Sunday School. Children didn’t take Communion ‘til after they were baptized, so that was a Rite of Passage. The Disciples believe in baptism by immersion. I was baptized in 1948, when I was 17.

People dressed up for church. The women had their groups and kept the place going. Kirk Duncan’s grandparents (Herman and Winnie Brunswick), were early members of the church, as were his great aunt and uncle (Julia and Leo Duncan.

I believe we started service at 9:45AM with a short gathering in the sanctuary for announce- ments. Birthdays were observed with people putting coins to represent their age into a small box. Then off to Sunday School with classes for all from primary to adult. As I recall, classes lasted till 10:45 then church began at eleven. Children were expected to be in the service and to sit quietly. We didn’t have regular coffee times then, but did have potluck meals for special occasions, in the basement room, which had a kitchen.

Findlay in my heart, and hopefully Welcome in my actions.