Moderator's Musings

The month of June marks another milestone in the life of our church. We bid farewell to two men who have played significant roles over the past few years: our much-loved and talented music director Scott Fikse and our resident theologian, scholar, teacher, preacher, and all-around good guy, Michael Kinnamon. I encourage you all to take the time to tell them what they have meant to you.

Scott, you infused our choir and congregation with an energy of excitement and joy over all that you did. We were treated to phenomenal gifts from you, your friends and your students. The breadth of your knowledge of music and your willingness to share it all was a blessing. We treas- ured having you and your beloved Marcus as part of our church family. And though it’s sad to see you go, we rejoice in sharing you with the friends you’ll make in Hawaii. Aloha! And remember, we’re fond of macadamias.

Michael, you have challenged us to be better disciples, bet- ter Christians, and better human beings. You inspired us to know our denomination and its rich history more fully. You held the world up to us and helped us look through new lenses at the challenges and possibilities before us. You had us shouting “Hallelujah” and “Amen” and “Yes, we’re with you!” Like a shepherd, we willingly followed you down new and old paths remembered. You preached about sin and we came back the next week! I don’t think it an understatement to say we have been transformed by your grace.

Personally, it is in large part due to your passion for social justice, ecumenism, and scripture that I say yes to God and seek ordination. You have truly blessed us with your pres- ence and your service. We pray for your happiness now as you and Mardine head off for points south.

May the grace of God be with you, Scott and Marcus, Michael and Mardine. And may you always remember, “There is a place for you here.”