Prayers of the People - A composite prayer by the Youth

God, your love is like:
A tree, growing and reliable
A flame that gives light and life
An ocean—large and deep
Air—constant and all around us
A safety net—sometimes we need you and
sometimes we don’t, but you’re always there.

God, your forgiveness is like:
An unexpected smile
A powerful ocean wave
A river, long and everlasting
A long shower after a week at camp Getting extra credit at school
That sense of relief when you get all of your homework done

God, we are grateful because:
We are loved and forgiven
We have amazing friends
We have the opportunity to get an education
We have family and community we can count on We have food, shelter, and luxuries
that a lot of other people don’t have
When our lives are in turmoil, you are like an anchor

Holy One, our prayer is for:
All the people who need support,
that they may find some
Nature, that we will take better care
of it and help heal it
More love in the world
The people
Ourselves, because we are learning
that it’s not selfish to pray for ourselves All the people who have helped us
on our faith journeys