Youth Ministry by: Katy Lloyd

It’s the day after “Bring a Friend Sunday,” and I’m still glowing from the experience. What a joy to witness our youth stepping out in courage to lead us in worship, lift up their prayers, and ask their questions during the Q&A sermon. Your presence in the pews was so meaningful, but God only knew how deeply authentic and powerful your answers would be! Noel’s words are still ringing in my ears: “I’d rather have a lousy day with God, than a fabulous day without Him.” I am certain we could have gone on for a long time. Thank you for showing up, supporting one another, and sharing your stories and wisdom. Thank you also to Scott and the choir, for adding your energy and voices to the music and hymns selected by the youth.

Several of you asked for the complete list of questions, which are printed below. As you’ll see, we only scratched the surface! Likewise, the prayer that was led by Hazel and Lila Danielsen-Wong is also included in this newsletter. It was written collectively by the youth.

Finally, thank you to all who have submitted your favorite scriptures for the Mentor Scripture Project. Last call: You can email, snail mail, drop it in the collection basket, or hand it to me up until Easter Sunday (April 5th).

Now we prepare for Holy Week and the walk into Jerusalem. No matter what trials or problems lie before us, Jesus walks beside us, showing us the way. Amen.

Youth Questions

  • How do you reconcile an all-powerful God with grief and bad things that happen?
  • How old were you when you first believed in God?
  • Is your belief in God constant?
  • Where do you see the line between your choices and God’s plan for you?
  • Do you think God has a plan for everybody or not?
  • Does God view some people as more important than others?
  • Do you believe in both God and science? If so, how? If not, why?
  • If there is one God, why are there so many religions?
  • Do you have to believe in God to be part of a church community?
  • Is there a value in Bible stories, even if you don’t believe in God?
  • If all religions are equal, then why be a Christian?
  • If you weren’t born into the Christian faith, how did you come to it?
  • If you were born into the Christian faith but left it, what brought you back?
  • Do you believe in hell?
  • Do you believe that if a person is not Christian, they’ll go to hell?