Youth Ministry By: Katy Lloyd

Hi Folks! I hope you had a fabulous summer full of fun and sunshine. Here are just a few of the adventures I’ve heard about (and if I’ve overlooked any, please let me know):

  • Anna, Moira, Hazel, Lila, Bailey and Greta went to camp. Yay camp! (see Moira’s pic!)
  • Anna was a CIT at Campfire camp most of the summer. Go Anna!
  • Moira and her mom (Kathy) attended General Assembly in Columbus, OH. Ask Moira about her experience.
  • Hazel and Lila went to Europe with their family. They even had a pastry lesson and learned how to make Cannoli. Will you please share your new skill with our youth group?
  • Moira and I discovered the Talapus Lake trail in late July (see photo). It was beautiful and serene, great company, and ended perfectly, with ice cream!

And here are some exciting things coming up:

  • Moira has been accepted as a member of the DOC Regional Youth Commission
  • (RYC). She will participate with other youth in our region in providing leadership and planning camps and retreats. Way to go Moira—we’re so proud of you!
  • Madi enters Highline Community College this fall. Way to go Madi!
  • Greta enters 9th grade at St. Michael’s University School in Victoria, BC. Blessings to you on this big step, Greta!