Moderator's Musings by Liz Lang

Here we are in transition again, as Rev Chris Morton leaves Welcome Table on March 31. As we ask "What now?" I'm reminded of Rainer Rilke's counsel to "Love the questions themselves." Whether to hire another Interim minister or a settled pastor is one of the next big questions to answer. When? Who? Yes, let’s love our questions.   

Chris has left us with some ideas about what we need to do before a settled pastor can comfortably begin with us. The issue of anxiety keeps being brought up as a state of being within our community.  So what are we anxious about? Some of it can be named and some is just a product of transition. One thing to name is the budget, the unknowingness of what exactly our expenses will be this year and in the near future.  As we are able to pin down some more definite numbers and further decide our priorities, questions will be answered and our anxiety will lessen. Mod

Another anxiety question: "Why have some people left our church?" The answers vary from "because Joan left" to "I had something important to say but I wasn't listened to."  To address this particular concern we are exploring facilitators to guide us in some healing so that we can listen to each other better.  As an Open and Affirming church, we are especially called to keep learning what being O & A means at deeper and deeper levels.

I have a suggestion about handling anxiety.  If you are up for it, next time you notice yourself being anxious or angry, take several deep breaths and notice your feet. Yes, your feet!  By noticing your feet – or the ground you are standing on – which, by the way, is holy ground – your energy will go from your head space to ground space.  And there goes the anxiety out of your body.

The Board had a wonderful visit from two members of the Plymouth Healing Communities and we talked in detail about the management agreement. We are finalizing the contract now, with some details being fleshed out and documents being prepared.  By the time you read this several groups will have met at least once.  You’ll hear more from the Board and others soon.

Remember, love the questions and breathe…God is showing us the way.