Moderator's Musings

Wow! As we close in on the first half of the year we have much to be grateful for. First of all, doesn’t it feel great to have an Interim Pastor? We welcome Rev. Dr. Monica Corsaro to our community as of June 25 (yes, a Saturday—she is participating in the Disciples’ Gay Pride booth). She will work half time. Thanks to the Search Committee (Beth Grabow, Curt Williams, Kirk Duncan, Chad Blanchard and Ann Polansky) for their thoughtful and insightful work. The Board interviewed Monica at the recommendation of the Search Committee and the next day at our regular meeting we voted to call her.

Monica is an enthusiastic preacher, ordained in the United Methodist church, with experience in local church and ecumenical organizations. She has worked with people who are experiencing homelessness as well as in culturally diverse settings. She feels called to be with us and shares our theological leanings and social justice concerns.

Monica will lead worship weekly but preach only two or three times a month. Through the summer she will meet each of you, possibly through neighborhood gatherings, where you will have a chance to find out more about her. As Interim, she will be a bridge between who we were last year and who we will become. She, along with the Search Committee, will probably lead us in many conversations so we can dig deep to discover what sort of settled pastor we need and want for the future. Her contract is for nine months with the possibility of a three-month extension.

Bringing Carol Brandes’ beautiful grand piano into our space reminds us of the many years that Carol led us as accompanist. Singing “Lift Every Voice and Sing” felt almost like old times.

Stories! And then there’s the communion table. For years, this table functioned as a place on which to sort music and hold things as it sat in the choir room at MBPPC. When I was looking for furniture before the move I took a good look at it and thought to myself, “This would make a good communion table.” Some folks from the Furnishings Team thought the same thing. It turns out, the table used to be the communion table in the early days of the church on Findlay Street. It was handmade; a note taped under the top confirms this.

You will be hearing from Kathy Coggins about an exciting children’s program called Worship and Wonder. Already being used by NW Christian in Seattle as well as many other churches around the country, it is a creative new way to bring Bible stories and church participation to life for young children, ages 3-8. Built on a Montessori design, the program uses 3-D models of elements in Bible stories