Hope in Hopeless Times by Pastor Monica

This last month seems like it has been full of an unbearable amount of crime against each other as humans. So many shootings, so much violence—we hear of one shooting and barely have enough time to recover before we hear of another. To top it off, it seems as if the powers that be still do not “get it”.

But that is where we come in, friends. We do get it. We get that God’s light is in each one of us and when one harms another, we are all harmed. We get it, that we have a gun crisis here in the United States, and we get it, that God’s beloved children are being killed right in front of our faces. We do get it that something about how we are living needs to change. 

As I think about Jesus and his community, I am reminded that they were also surrounded by violence within a repressive political system full of was classism, sexism, and racism. Violence abounded—Pilate and Herod were known as the most brutal leaders of the day. Crucifixions were almost a daily occurrence. This was Jesus’ backdrop and he did not remain silent. He spoke against all those evils. In the midst of chaos, he called for calm; in the midst of ugliness, he found beauty; in the midst of sadness, he gave us comfort. 

I feel we are called to do the same for each other. In these next few weeks, we will study a series of Jesus’ teachings and stories showing how he confronted the ills of his society. We will tackle inequality, racism and economic injustice. Friends, while we ask many questions about the ills of our world, while we feel sad about the violence of our world, we can also find hope. We can find hope because we know Jesus was an agitator, an educator, a truth seeker, and a justice maker. He taught those who followed him then and teaches we who follow him now! Take comfort—love triumphs over hate. We have the wisdom that will help us save the world, one conversation, one relationship, one church community at a time. These times may seem hopeless, my friends, but we can bring hope to the world.

See you on Sunday—Blessed Be! 

—Pastor Monica