Moderator's Musings, August 2016 - by Liz Lang

Before reporting to you about the business of the church I must name the sadness and heaviness I feel at the shootings of two more Black men and five police officers within the two weeks prior to this writing. The unleashed rage and fear that has surfaced in our country – let alone in the rest of the world – suggests – no, screams – that more must be done to address huge inequalities.  I celebrate that deeper dialogue has begun as evidenced by an ABC Town Hall meeting in which President Obama met with shooting victims and their families; and a PBS special focusing on “The Talk,” the conversation that Black parents must have with their Black boys/young men to help them navigate the world of America safely.   

Welcome Table folks are a praying people. Is there more action that we could/should be taking also?

And now for a report from the Board. Thank you for keeping up with your pledges!  As expected, our expenses are increasing with our move into the new building and we are keeping up.

With a beautiful new insulated wall in our sanctuary you will notice a big difference in your ability to hear the speakers. Please continue to give us your feedback.

The Grace Apartments are ready to be occupied except for the glitch with the City of Seattle’s planning department inspector’s report. We are working on resolution and hope to have residents soon.  Ron Wong talked with the mayor, Al Terry and Bridgett Chandler wrote letters to the city planners and Nancy Smith of PHC wrote to the city and the Seattle City Council.  Thanks to M.L. Daniel, Esq. for reviewing the management agreement with Plymouth Healing Community.

Many of you have asked, “Where’s the cross?” The Elders are initiating conversations among us to discern what design we want and where it should be, i.e., wall, communion table, window.  In the initial planning of our building the three Scottish crosses (roods) on the west wall were to be it. But you have asked for a more recognizable cross, hence the conversations.

Some of us gathered for a healing circle conversation with the Rev. Harriett Platts in June. One realization that surfaced was that it’s difficult to have responsibility for holding confidential information; holding back is tiring, yet it’s often part of the job of the leaders. We can get better at holding each other and can lean forward into new relationships in our new space.

Help wanted:  Can you provide some regular time to help tend our garden? The trees’ water bags need filling every week or ten days and the irrigation system needs to be tended. We also can use some gardening tools.

Remember to check the door if you’re the last one out. Ask a Board member to show you how to lock it.  And with that note I say goodbye for now.