From the Pastor

What a glorious month we had in August! We began by hosting seven students from Israel-Palestine who for the last four years have been studying religion, peacemaking and advocacy. Their hard work culminated with their traveling to the United States, with their first stop in the “other” Washington to lobby, meet legislators and tell about the power of their peace teaching organization, Kids4Peace.

The students testified how before Kids4Peace they did not know anyone from the other cultures, i.e. the Muslim students had never met Jewish students and vice versa. WTCC opened our building for the youth to hold day long workshops. On this visit, the youth experienced two Christian Churches, one Reform Synagogue and a Muslim Center. They got to see for themselves the warm and open hand of God in all Her many expressions.

While they visited the other Houses of God for meals and worship, it was Welcome Table that was their “home” base for workshops and many meals. It was humbling to see how the space became so familiar to them and how they began to take care of it, as they collected recycling, took out the compost and wiped the tables down. It was so gratifying to see our space used in this Holy way. Young people being real with each other, learning with each other and caring for one another. They could have been any one of our sons or daughters; they love their smart phones too! The only difference was the diversity of languages being spoken—English, Arabic, and Hebrew, all together. When a safe space is created both physically and Spiritually, it is amazing to see what can happen.

As Welcome Table continues along our Spiritual journey (“setting up shop,” you might say) attending to details big and small. I am amazed to see the dedication of our community. It is Biblical in its proportion! I stop at times to just take it all in and offer prayers of gratefulness. Yes, there is much to do as we prepare for a new Sunday School with the new “Worship and Wonder” program, and yes, we want everything to be just right for our Open House. Yes, yes, yes…but! Dare I say, some of us may overdo. So while all this is so exciting, don’t overdo. Make sure you take a moment to just breathe in and breathe out. If you are feeling stressed, take a walk, don’t answer your phone for an hour or two, sit in silence or escape to a movie, do whatever you need to do to Sabbath and refresh so we can have the best of you. God said we are good and God was happy with what God created…us!! And on the seventh day (this seems to be the part of the story we want to forget), God rested. None of us can do it all by ourselves but together we can transform the world, one corner at a time. So take a moment—take it all in—and attend to the details when you can. And God said “You are amazing!”

Blessed Be!
—Pastor Monica Corsaro