Moderators Musings by Liz Lang

Endings and beginnings. The beautiful full-color newsletter, Welcome Table’s Messenger, has come to its ending. Thank you, Cheryl Brush, for your commitment to color and pictures and storytelling over the past year. What comes next is yet to be decided.

At our annual congregational meeting, we approved a budget that includes a quarter-time choir director. The once-a-month choral director will join Katy and Reid, who will continue to coordinate the music program, with Reid’s skills at the piano and Katy’s song leader skills, The Welcome Table Singers look forward to honing our vocal skills under the direction of the as yet undetermined director.

Nominating Committee report: A brief congregational meeting will be held in January to elect additional officers of the board. Brent Long has resigned as recording Secretary to take the position of Financial Secretary. Barbara Vail has agreed to serve as recording Secretary of the board for the one year left of Brent’s term. They will join Barbara Suder, Treasurer, Dottie  Neufeld, Vice Moderator, and Liz Lang, Moderator, for the 2017 year. At-large members, as well as representatives from the elders and deacons, are yet to be named.

Settling into our new building with a new name has brought many details to be tended to. Our new name deserves a new “identity design” or logo. At the January meeting, the congregation will have the opportunity to choose between two designs.

Also in January, church members and Pastor Search Committee will have a deeper  conversation about who we are as a congregation. What is the Divine One calling us toward?

Many, many thanks to the board members with whom I traveled this year. Every position increased in intensity and difficulty in this year of transition and each member deserves our heartfelt thanks: Bridget Chandler, Louise Petrasek, Dottie Neufeld, Brent Long, Curt Williams, and Sandy Renner, as well as Pastor Monica Corsaro for her inspirational and enthusiastic leadership.

My hope for 2017 is that Welcome Table can stand firm in the Love that binds us together, doing our very best to do with Grace that which is ours to do.