The Opening Service of WTCC – May 15, 2016

With a group of sixty members and visitors gathered around the front door of the church, regional Minister Sandy Messick gave this greeting: “People of Welcome Table Christian Church, you are a collection of seekers and pilgrims, disciples and bearers of good news. You have committed your time in endless meetings, your talent in designing a beautiful home and extending a ministry of hospitality to those seeking a new start, and your money for the very real brick and mortar that built this house of God.  You have come this far by faith and now you stand on the threshold of a new beginning. Like Abram who became Abraham and Sarai who became Sarah, your name too has changed as you have journeyed with God and each other these past 9½ years. You have had the assurance of things hoped for. You have had the conviction of things not seen. You have had the conviction of things not seen. Are you ready to step into this new beginning?” The crowd hollered: “Yes!!”

Liz Lang and Chad Blanchard spoke: “In the Gospel of Matthew Jesus says, ‘Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened.’ They knocked on the door and Al Terry and Ron Wong opened it. Katy Lloyd led the group in singing “I’m (We’re) Gonna Eat at the Welcome Table”. After entering the sanctuary, longtime members Bernice Burns, Carol Baker and Kirk Duncan placed the ancestors gourd, peace key, and Alexander Campbell hymnbook on the alter table. Everyone laughed when worship leader Al Terry opened the 10:30 am service by greeting everyone “Good Afternoon!” (teasing us about our common habit of saying “Good Morning” despite almost a decade of meeting in the afternoon). Elder Noel Montgomery reminded us that we traveled “through fear and tears to get here.” And Rev Sandy Messick summed up her Pentecost message to us this way:

“Today marks the end of a chapter but the continuation of a story. And let me tell you a secret: the story isn’t about building a building. The story will be about how a building helped a people meet their new neighbors, how it connected a community with the light of Christ set on this hill, how it offered sanctuary and space and a launching pad for ministries you’ve not yet even imagined.

Oh what stories these walls will tell.”

Our history and future joined together on Pentecost Sunday—formerly Findlay Street Christian Church and currently Welcome Table Christian Church—and the breath of the Holy Spirit blows us twirling down a new path. “All Glory and Honor are Yours, Now and Forever!”