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Plymouth Healing Companions Training

Plymouth Healing Communities (PHC) provides companionship, housing and advocacy for individuals who live with mental illness. We know that healing takes place when vulnerable people are shown the care, love and respect that they deserve.

““When I saw my room, I knew this is a place where I can get well.”

— Former Resident at the House of Healing

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Book Study: Faithful Resistance: Gospel Visions for the Church in a Time of Empire

Faithful Resistance: Gospel Visions for the Church in a Time of Empire

“What we have here is a wonderful, inspirational work, blending thoughtful analysis with theological and biblical reflection, upholding faith as the centre of solidarity, commitment and action, drawing on the voices of those in the trenches of struggles for justice. At the heart of this book is the unshakable belief that people of faith, courage, love and hope can indeed change our world, that the church, if it only heeds God’s call, could be a powerful instrument of change. Usually, it is a compliment to say, ‘I have read this book in one sitting.’ That won’t happen with this book, because it makes you pause: every chapter, every paragraph calls for deeper reflection, the testing of the spirits, reading anew the signs of the times,and opening oneself up to the voice of the Spirit, and it draws one into the heart of commitment. I came away disturbed, stirred, and greatly encouraged. What a great gift.”

– Allan Boesak, South African theologian and activist, Desmond Tutu Chair of Peace, Justice and Reconciliation Studies, Christian theological Seminary, Indianapolis.


“Rick Ufford Chase has presented the mainline Protestant Church with a new handbook. Building on his own foundation in the Presbyterian Church, he begins with a focus on who we have been, and helps us see that we could be so much more. In his own words, it is not a “how to, but a what if” proposal which takes the Church of yesterday and today into a place where new identities for BEING the Church are explored. Utilizing the gifted and even prophetic voices of a number of faithful women and men who see the emerging church as a new entity, his book is based on solid Biblical foundations. It provokes thought. It offers options. And it does not pretend to be the final solution to what must be done. I highly recommend it as a study guide for both individuals and for churches who are seeking to find new and renewed ways to serve Christ in a rapidly changing society. Reading it alone can be challenging and inspirational.  Reading it with a group just might open new doors which likely would expand one’s horizons as bodies of faith filled people.”

– Dr. Heath K. Rada, Moderator, 221st General Assembly, PC(USA)

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Companions Training-Sanctuary

Learn to be a companion to a vulnerable adult through this training, sponsored by the Plymouth Healing Communities.  You will learn basic skills of care and most importantly how to live out your compassion. 

Plymouth Healing Communities is a non-profit organization proving companionship and housing to individuals living with mental illness who have been homeless or are at risk of homelessness due to their illness experience. Plymouth Healing Communities breaks the chronic cycle of hospitalization and homelessness. As an alternative to living on the street, we provide companionship and deep respect in a small, referral-based, neighborhood-scale shelter/ House of Healing to individuals who have been hospitalized for an acute episode of mental illness. We also serve those living with mental illness who have been living on the streets or in shelters. All program participants come to us by referral and work with the local outpatient mental health clinic. We offer community companionship to all who have been served by Plymouth Healing Communities, extending the embrace of community and ensuring ongoing treatment.

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