We worship in a small (4,500 sq. ft.) church with an open sanctuary filled with daylight, an inner garden space, a soaring roof, and will soon have a permanent 26 ft. Petit Chartres labyrinth on the floor. It comfortably seats 150 people.
On the west-facing side of the church, are three one-bedroom apartments, built atop one another (each 600 sq.ft.). The top apartment has views of Elliott Bay.





We broke ground in the summer of 2015 and started worshiping in our new space in May of 2016.

Our new address is:  1322 S. Bayview St., Seattle, WA 98144
(on the corner of 14th and Bayview on N. Beacon Hill)

Our dream for sacred space is an open, contemplative place—a small gem—a gathering place for prayer, liturgy and life’s celebrations, not only for the congregation but for the neighborhood we share. 






The labyrinth is a symbol of pilgrimage.  It is not a maze, and there are no dead ends.  The path leads surely, mysteriously, to the center and back out again.  We offer use of this spiritual practice to our neighbors, knowing that in the busy, often chaotic, world we live in, times for quiet reflection are rare.  We imagine that the labyrinth would be staffed and open to the public at certain times of the week.