At Welcome Table we believe the voice of God comes in all shapes, sizes and ages. Therefore it is our mission to maintain meaningful relationships with our youth (6th-12th grades). Youth are encouraged to worship with the congregation on Sundays, but we have additional ministries just for their particular needs: 

  • Youth Group:
    • Monthly, following worship from 3-5 p.m. Youth group activities vary, but often include checking in, prayer, making a craft, planning group activities, and EATING SNACKS!!! Friends are always welcome to these and any of our other activities. 
  • Bible Study:
    • Once/month, youth are invited to step out of worship during the sermon and spend 30-45 minutes reflecting together on the scriptures for the day. Reflections include individual drawings, writings, and shared conversation. We return to worship in time for communion.
  • Youth Binders:
    • Each youth has his/her own binder (additional binders available for guests) in which they find reflections on the scriptures being preached about that day. Binders also contain blank paper and markers for youth to draw/write/reflect during worship, with the idea that art can be its own form of meditation. The bin for binders is clearly labelled and found at the rear of the sanctuary.
  • Leadership in worship:
    • Youth are welcome to participate in our worship services, including writing and performing plays, preaching, leading prayer, reading scriptures, creating liturgical dances, playing instruments, singing, and sometimes joining the adult choir.
  • Leadership in outreach:
    • Youth are eager to share their gifts and make the world a better place. Our youth find many ways to serve, including bake sales to raise funds for camperships and wider church events, making soup for Stone Soup Sunday and collecting canned goods for the Seattle Emergency Food Pantry, and serving as Evening Hosts for homeless families through Mary’s Place.
  • Field trips and social outings
    • These have included day hikes, movie/pizza nights, sharing fellowship with other youth groups, touring the Gates Foundation Visitor Center, performances at Taproot and Spectrum Theatres, and participating in summer and midwinter camp programs.

Infants and Toddlers

We provide safe, loving care for infants and toddlers during worship on an as-needed basis.

Children’s Ministry

We provide meaningful Children’s Ministry on an as-needed basis.